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A - Boys names begining with A Print E-mail
A'laaNobility , excellence
AbanName of an Angel
AbbaasLike a lion, gloomy look
Abdul A'laServant of the Exalted
Abdul AaleeServan of the most high
Abdul AdlServant of the Just 
Abdul AfuwServant of the one who pardons
Abdul Ahad Servant of him who is one (Allah)
Abdul Ali Servant of the high one
Abdul AlimServant of the All-Knowing
Abdul AwwalServant of the First One
Abdul AzeemServant of the Great one
Abdul AzizServant of the powerful one
Abdul BaaqiServant of the everlasting
Abdul BaariServant of the creator
Abdul BaasitServant of the extender, The Creator
Abdul BaatinServant of the Unseen
Abdul Badee'Servant of the orinator
Abdul BarrServant of the source of goodness
Abdul BaseerServant of the All-Seeing